Trail Times TV Trail Times is a public access program for the Columbus, Ohio area. We try to bring the outdoors indoors with on location programs from Ohio's state parks and hiking trails.
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About Trail Times
Trail Times is a public access TV program that works to bring the outdoors to the indoors. Basically Trail Times is two outdoor enthusiasts that know how to use a camera. Our objective is to provide someone at home with enough information to where they feel comfortable getting out and trying the outdoors.

Respect The Outdoors
Like most outdoor enthusiasts we also try to let people know how to be outdoors without hurting the outdoors. We try to show viewers that if you want to love the outdoors later you should respect the outdoors now.

More Information
If you have an interest in being on TV and have a love for the outdoors let us know. We are always looking for guests to bring their expertise to our show. To contact us email:

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